College Recruiting

At NILICO, we pride ourselves in our ability to recruit top college students who embrace our unique culture. We specifically seek candidates who believe excellence is a personal commitment, possess confidence to overcome obstacles, and embody a competitive spirit.

We place college recruits in the best positions available to build lasting careers in a demanding environment, challenging the predetermined career path typical in more traditional companies. Rather than trying to match you to a preset occupation description, we find the right talent first and then offer opportunities that best match individual abilities and interests.

Listed below are just some of the on-campus events that NILICO provides at universities and colleges throughout the state of New York.


Career fairs
Usually sponsored by the host school, these informal events are designed to allow students to meet NILICO recruiters and explore career options within the Company.


Information sessions
NILICO sponsors these on-campus presentations, designed to help educate students about the Company and its career opportunities.


On-campus interviews allow students to personally share their qualifications with a NILICO recruiter and get started on a potential career with NILICO.

If you’re interested in applying for a specific position with our Company,

please call 1-800-253-6100.



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